About Us

The SYFL, Sierra Youth Football League, is a Youth Tackle Football and Cheerleading organization for all children between the ages of 5 and 14, prior to any child moving into high school. The SYFL works closely with the high schools as a feeder program. We work with athletic directors and high school coaches to ensure our players are learning skills that will benefit them as they transition into high school sports. Our participants are divided into teams based on age level as of July 31. The idea behind this is to keep kids together that will be playing together in high school which brings many benefits to the participants, parents, and the high schools. The sooner children engage in the program, they are able to strengthen and sharpen their skills over the course of many years as opposed to trying to “catch up” when they reach the sport in high school. 

To the Parents/Guardians…
This is a special time in your and your children’s lives. Cherish these moments because they pass so quickly. Remember there is a time for winning and a time for losing. This is a time for learning and a time for understanding. Young people are watching your actions as a parent. What you do will be deemed acceptable behavior in the lives of our children.  This is more than just a game… when these enhancements are in place in a youth’s life they act against negative forces that often derail them from positive social development and lifestyles. 

To the Youth Participants…
Football players and cheerleaders are admired and exert a significant influence over the actions and behavior of the spectators. Opponents and officials must be treated with respect as fellow human beings. Self-control must be exercised at all times; decisions must be accepted (without complaint). 

To the Coaches…
The idea of coaching is to teach the principles of personal endeavor, performing well as a team member, being governed at all times by the rules of the game, good sportsmanship, and a sense of humor. 

To All…
No one person “runs” the SYFL. It consists of a Board of Directors, Committees, Members, Coaches, Team Managers, Parents, Guardians, and the Youth that love football and cheerleading. Please be respectful toward everyone involved. The SYFL reserves the right to deny anyone membership and/or participation. The SYFL is a youth organization and we are role models for our youth. 


  1.  To promote balanced competition within the scope of our rules and regulations and to ensure the safety and welfare of the youth football players and cheerleaders.
  2. To provide responsible football and cheerleading programs with organized and trained adult volunteers based upon where the youth participants are zoned to attend public high school.
  3. To teach the fundamentals of football and cheerleading and influence good sportsmanship, teamwork, the highest moral and physical standards, and the importance of academic achievement.
  4. To allow participation by ALL youth regardless of weight and/or ability.
  5. To offer participation to ALL interested and dedicated youth despite financial hardship.
  6. To create a family environment by giving parents/guardians the opportunity to participate with their children in a drug and alcohol-free environment.